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Netflix cracks down on password cheats

Netflix cracks down on password cheats
Netflix cracks down on password cheats

Typical Americans to nag about the nuclear family

Published: Less than 2 hours ago

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The streaming giant Netflix wants you to tell your friends who are infesting your user account.
The streaming giant Netflix wants you to tell your friends who are infesting your user account. Photo: Marcio Jose Sanchez/AP

Sharing a password – that’s true love. So the streaming giant Netflix signed on

six years ago. Now it sounds different. The company wants to stop the ability to share passwords for free. If you cheat on any other account, you are the target of the raid.

Each user account is linked to a household where it is allowed to create five different profiles. Netflix defines a household as five people living together.

It is common for friends and out-of-town children to share the account – but the company wants to stop that now.

No free lunches

According to Netflix’s own calculations, approximately 100 million households use the streaming service without paying for themselves. You share passwords with parents or siblings even if you don’t live together.

Swedish subscribers have received an email in which the company clearly and strictly states that a Netflix account is personal and can only be used by people in the same household.

Outdated ideals

It all feels a bit conservative. Nuclear family? Enough because Netflix is ​​an American company, but it feels passé even for them. Here in Sweden we like to live alone.

In the documentary film The Swedish Theory of love, Swedes are shown as perhaps the world’s loneliest people. In 2022, roughly 2 million of Sweden’s population were single-person households, according to Statistics Norway.

It’s nothing personal, married couples are separated and there’s nothing more to it. We don’t get disturbed by snoring partners and can have a messy time without anyone complaining. Should it be punished?

The informants

To access the cheat, Netflix urges users to report themselves. The account holder must check who is using the account, which devices are logged in, log out devices that should not have access and consider changing passwords.

It is difficult to predict whether the company will reach the 100 million cheaters. Users may turn to Netflix competitors that allow password sharing. According to the BBC, Netflix has lost around a million subscribers in Spain since the restriction was introduced there.

It is unclear how Netflix will get to the cheaters. Will Netflix come knocking on doors? Will the census be a sponsored collaboration between Netflix and the Tax Agency?

Golars have no poles. It might be worth forewarning your parasitoid friends so they don’t miss the next episode of “Bridgerton.”

What do you think? Will you boycott Netflix? Will you restrict your ex from your user account? Chat with Noor. The live chat starts at 09.00, but you can post now.”

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