Nasdaq employee detained – for serious insider trading

Nasdaq employee detained – for serious insider trading
Nasdaq employee detained – for serious insider trading

The arrested man himself worked against insider trading Two more are suspected

On Thursday, Expressen was able to reveal the Ecocrime Authority’s secret raid against the Nasdaq stock exchange in Stockholm, which was carried out on Tuesday.

In connection with the raid, three people were arrested in a dawn raid. They were surprised in their homes just after six o’clock on Tuesday morning. Several seizures were made. The suspected crime: serious insider trading between October 2021 and May 2022.

On Friday afternoon, detention proceedings are underway in the Stockholm District Court. First up was the suspected key person on the Nasdaq exchange. The court decided to remand the man, reports SvD. The prosecutor also requests restrictions against the detained man.

The defense contests the prosecutor’s request for detention and also probable cause for the stated acts.

Released after questioning

The person in custody who was arrested on suspicion of serious insider trading at the Stockholm Stock Exchange worked in a group that is supposed to combat insider trading, according to Sveriges Radio/Ekot.

– What we can say is that the employee we mentioned earlier is a person who works in the monitoring team here in Stockholm, but he does not have a leading role, he does not have a managerial position, says Erik Gruvfors, press officer at Nasdaq Stockholmsbörsen, to Ekot.

Prosecutor Pontus Hamilton tells SvD that he sees the suspected crime as particularly serious, because it concerns a person at Nasdaq who worked against insider trading.

– Yes, it is clear that if it turns out that it is that way, it is more serious than if it is someone who does not work in that type of position.

Expressen has sought the detained man’s defender, but she has no comments after the detention hearing.

On Wednesday morning, another fourth person who was detained in his absence was arrested. That person was detained at the Ecocrime Authority’s headquarters on Hantverkargatan in Stockholm, but was released after questioning.

– The fourth person has been released after questioning. The suspicions were weakened and the person is not suspected of posing any danger to the investigation, says District Attorney Pontus Hamilton.

During the raid on the Nasdaq stock exchange, investigators requested specific material in digital form.

Several interrogations were conducted with the three suspects during Thursday.

Chamber prosecutor Pontus Hamilton believes that there is a risk that the three will talk to each other or remove evidence if they are at large. Therefore, on Friday morning, he turned to the Stockholm district court and requested that the three be detained, due to the danger of collusion.

The suspected key person at the Nasdaq stock exchange in Stockholm is suspected of serious insider trading for three periods.

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