Dangerous work environment discovered during new inspection

Dangerous work environment discovered during new inspection
Dangerous work environment discovered during new inspection

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Once again, a number of shortcomings have been discovered when several authorities inspect the working environment. Archive image. Photo: Naina Helén Jåma/TT

A series of deficiencies in the work environment were discovered when several authorities raided nearly 120 workplaces.

– The result was just as disappointing as in previous checks, says Arne Alfredsson, head of department at the Swedish Work Environment Agency.

Once again, a large number of companies throughout the country have been checked in a joint effort by the authorities against workplace crime. And again, a number of flaws have been discovered. Since 2018, the authorities have carried out more than 8,000 joint checks.

– Even during this inspection, we have seen far too many examples of a dangerous work environment, blocked emergency exits and suspected illegal work, says Arne Alfredsson.

– We are concerned that it continues to look as it does.

Half missing

This time around 120 businesses were audited, including beauty salons, tire repair shops and car washes. Deficiencies in the working environment were discovered at half of the companies.

In the workshops, for example, pressure vessels that were not checked and uninspected car lifts were found.

– It also happened that people left the workplace when we arrived, that hairdressers stopped cutting and that there were staff who were not logged in to the staff register. All that is an indication that things are not right, says Arne Alfredsson.

Ask for a receipt

The companies with discovered deficiencies must now remedy them. The Tax Agency will investigate whether there was undeclared work. In addition, the Employment Agency must investigate whether a number of companies are entitled to continued employment support.

Soon, an information effort will be launched where people are asked to be vigilant when buying services in industries that are vulnerable to workplace crime. It concerns companies in car care, construction, restaurants, beauty, cleaning and transport.

– Ask for a receipt and think about whether the price is low in relation to what the service should be worth. But also that you do a quick check on the protection, you wear hearing protection and you have protective gloves against chemicals, says Arne Alfredsson.

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