The regions’ severance pay under scrutiny: Region Stockholm ranks highest

The regions’ severance pay under scrutiny: Region Stockholm ranks highest
The regions’ severance pay under scrutiny: Region Stockholm ranks highest

278 employees and managers have been bought out in Region Stockholm since 2019. The highest severance payments are over SEK 4 million. Then it was about high items. Most common, however, is that assistant nurses are bought out after being on sick leave, reports Sweden’s Radio P4 Stockholm. According to Catharina Häggbom at the Kommunal trade union, it is connected to the fact that there are now fewer adapted workplaces and tasks than before.

Region Värmland is also high on the list, in terms of the number of employees who have been bought out. There, over 100 people have been bought out since 2019, at a total cost of just over 20 million. The years 2019 and 2020 in particular stand out. The region’s HR director Josefine Ståhlberg explains the high figures with a special investment aimed at long-term sick leave during those years.

– Currently, our agreements are not at a problematic level, she tells Sweden’s Radio P4 Värmland.

For Region Värmland, approximately half of the buyouts are linked to illness or injury that reduces work ability despite rehabilitation efforts. The rest are said to have other causes, such as conflicts at the workplace or that the employee mishandled his job.

In Region Sörmland, over SEK 20 million has gone to severance pay during the same time period.

– It’s an alarming sum that should have been used much better, says Lena Lindh, chairman of the Vårdförbundet in the region, to Sweden’s Radio P4 Sörmland.

Region Gävleborg, in turn, has spent SEK 12 million on buyouts over the past three years. Carina Österberg, department manager for laws and agreements at the HR administration, can see that the buyouts rhyme badly when the alarm reports about a shortage of nursing staff are simultaneously pouring in.

– I can understand that you see it that way. Of course, we want all employees to continue working.

According to Carina Österberg, buyouts are seen as a last resort, when it is neither possible to adapt the work nor relocate the employee, reports Sweden’s Radio P4 Gävleborg. 2022-11-24

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