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It was last winter that it became clear that Pernilla wahlgren, 55, takes over Allsång at Skansen. On Instagram, Pernilla wrote about the joy.

“No but PLEASE! How FUN is this going to be?!!!! PROUDLY HAPPY and GRATEFUL I can now FINALLY tell you that I have been given the great honor of LEADING THE SONG AT THE SCANS. Will do my best to shoulder this star-spangled mantle after my incredible predecessors..! See you this summer at Skansen!!!”, she wrote at the time.

Now the premiere is fast approaching, and on June 27 it is time for Pernilla to drive for the first time. Then Allsång continues at Skansen until August 15.

Pernilla Wahlgren rips off a song at Allsång at Skansen. Image source: Stella Pictures.

As one of Sweden’s most popular profiles, Pernilla Wahlgren is often very busy. On Instagram she has over 785,000 followers, and there she often does various paid collaborations and she has released clothing collections for Gekås Ullared.

Pernilla is also the founder of her own beauty brand Lacuila and podcasts full time with her best friend Sofia Wistam. Pernilla is also seen in Wahlgren’s world and in the spinoff series Villa Wahlgren where we get to follow her house building on Lidingö.

Tareq Taylor had to poodle after the miss during his grace period

Commercial collaborations are a big no no in the public service sphere and SVT profiles must always follow a grace period.

Earlier this week wrote News24 about how the Garden Times profile Tareq Taylor launched a wine while appearing in the box.

– It is human to err. Nevertheless, I have worked for 14 years with SVT and I have always been in the commercial sphere. But this time it got a little crazy that there was a launch in the middle of a waiting period, Tareq Taylor told the media in P1 at the time.

The rules that Pernilla Wahlgren must follow before Allsång at Skansen

Haida Jamshidi is project manager and executive producer for Allsång at Skansen, and for Nyheter24 she tells more about what the grace period will look like for Pernilla Wahlgren.

– The curfew applies four weeks before the premiere and two weeks after the last broadcast, says Haida Jamshidi to Nyheter24.

Pernilla wahlgren. Image source: Stina Stjernkvist/TT Bild

So four weeks before the premiere, Pernilla may not post any paid collaborations or be seen in such contexts. It also applies two weeks after this season of Allsång at Skansen has ended.

What are the consequences if the grace period is missed?

– Pernilla is aware of the waiting period and I am convinced that she will act in accordance with it, says Haida Jamshidi to Nyheter24.

Here you can read more about Pernilla Wahlgren.

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