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Johan Rabaeus on Camilla Thulin’s cheese phobia: She goes crazy | Pleasure

Johan Rabaeus on Camilla Thulin’s cheese phobia: She goes crazy | Pleasure
Johan Rabaeus on Camilla Thulin’s cheese phobia: She goes crazy | Pleasure

Actor Johan Rabaeus, 75, and star designer Camilla Thulin, 62, have been a couple for 25 years.

When the actor visited Emil Persson’s “Fördomspodden” last week, he talked about his life with his wife – and came up with a somewhat unexpected revelation.

– I have a problem, my wife is a cheese phobe so I have a complicated relationship with making sure there is cheese in the fridge. No one who doesn’t live with a cheese phobic understands that, he says.

– She hates cheese? asks the presenter Emil Persson.

– Yes, she can’t stand it, she goes crazy. She goes to buy a pizza and says “without cheese”, explains Johan Rabaeus.

Camilla Thulin: “It’s just buy and set up”

He jokingly says that an “unfortunate childhood” is the basis for Camilla Thulin’s strong antipathies towards the ancient dairy product.

When Expressen Nöje asks Camilla Thulin about how things really are with cheese in the home, she downplays the whole thing.

– Just buy and set up!

How long have you had these strong feelings about cheese?

– It has always been like that and will always remain like that, I have cherished it tenderly. I don’t want to eat it and then people think that no one else should be allowed to eat it either, but for me people can eat as much cheese as they want, I can look at cheese and cut it – but as long as I don’t have to eat it, I’m grateful.


– My husband is a playwright, so he made it sound funnier than it is.


People who suffer from extreme fear or anxiety about cheese.

People who have this type of phobia usually connect the milk product with a traumatic memory from childhood. Even people who are lactose intolerant can suffer from the phobia.

• If you have turophobia, you are usually afraid of a specific cheese, but there are those who are afraid of everything connected to cheese.

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