Peter Stormare’s anger at Mark Hamill: ‘A real idiot’

Peter Stormare’s anger at Mark Hamill: ‘A real idiot’
Peter Stormare’s anger at Mark Hamill: ‘A real idiot’

Never forget the behavior of the Star Wars star

If you ask Peter Stormare, Mark Hamill, known as Luke Skywalker in Star Wars, is a real idiot. In an interview with Filmtopp, he tells where the relationship with the star soured.

Mark Hamill in The Machine. Photo: Sony Pictures

Tonight it is Swedish cinema premiere for The Machinefeaturing the Star Wars star Mark Hamill in one of the main roles. The film, which is only showing for two days, is an action comedy, but someone who might not laugh is Peter Stormare.

In an interview with Filmtopp, our Swedish star shares a bitter story about the time when he and Mark Hamill shot a film together. The film in question, was none other than Hamilton from 1998, in which Stormare played Jan Guillous famous hero and Hamill the film’s villain – a former CIA officer on the hunt for some nuclear missiles.

If we dare to believe the Swede’s version of their shared history, there was a star ego that laid the foundation for what happened between them, in short.

Peter Stormare on the hatred towards Mark Hamill: “a real idiot”

When Peter Stormare talked to Movie top in January 2021, he told about an incident during the filming of Hamiltonwhich to this day gnaws at him when he thinks about Mark Hamill. In one scene, Hamill was supposed to punch Peter Stormare while the Swede hung his head down. The camera, says Stormare, was placed behind his back, so that it was not possible to see Hamill hit him. But despite this, Stormare says that Hamill got too close and hit him so that “his nose stood a quarter past three” and a tooth fell out.

– I’m down and can’t film anything for a few days. But the bastard has never apologized, Peter Stormare tells Filmtopp.

Furthermore, Stormare tells that things were tense between them for the rest of the time they were recording Hamilton. He believes that Hamill never looked him in the eye after that, neither when they shot their last scenes together nor during the big premiere in the US.

– He can keep doing his Star Wars and make money from a lot of shit, but for me he will always be a piece of shit.

Hamill has never commented on the incident, but has expressed at one point that he loved working with Peter Stoarmare. On Twitter, he called him “The Great Peter Stormare”.

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