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Benjamin Ingrosso attended the Polar Prize in a long dress: “Especially for…”


During Tuesday, it was time for the Polar Prize at the Grand Hotel. During the evening, there were performances from Daniela Rathana, Benjamin Ingrosso, Lisa Ekdahl and Anna Ternheim. Angelique Kidjo and Chris Blackwell was rewarded with a prize handed out by King Carl Gustaf.

The cream of the Swedish musical elite was there, just like our Swedish royalty Queen Silviathe crown princess Victoriaprince Danielthe princess Sophia and prince Carl Philip.

On the red carpet – which was actually black – stars could be seen Deportees, Silvana Iman, Darin, Molly Sandén, Anna Ternheim, Niklas and Jenny Stromstedt. Several took turns when it came to outfits, and one of them was Benjamin Ingrosso who appeared in a long black dress. Something we are not used to seeing him in.

Benjamin Ingrosso appeared in a long dress. Image source: Stella Pictures.

Benjamin Ingrosso tells us more about his dress

For a reporter who interviewed the celebrities on the red carpet on behalf of the Polar Prize, Benjamin told more about his choice of clothing.

– The last time I was here I was nine years old and had just bought my suit at H&M five minutes before. Now it’s almost the same. I just got out of the shower, so I’m as stressed now as I was fifteen years ago, says Benjamin.

Benjamin Ingrosso at the Polar Prize in a specially designed dress. Image source: Stella Pictures.
Benjamin Ingrosso matched with sunglasses from Swedish Chmni and shots from Eytys. Image source: Christine Ohlsson/TT Bild

Benjamin told the reporter more about her dress.

– This is my stylist Dennis Brøchner who has made this together with Oscar Jacobson. Especially for this night and just for me, Benjamin said of the exclusive dress.

Yusuf Islam on site when Benjamin Ingrosso sang Wild world

During the evening, Benjamin Ingrosso did a cover of Yusuf Islam (earlier Cat Stevens, eds. note) “Wild world”, and a visibly moved Yusuf sat in the audience and seemed to love Benjamin’s cover.


In the podcast “Truth & Konsekvens is the podcast trio, the whole thing is discussed further. The episode is called:

Alice Stenlöf’s girlfriend outas. We wonder an intimate thing about Benjamin Ingrosso and what the hell happened to Bianca’s last…

And you can find that here:

The article is in Swedish

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