Young girls recruited for sex with Rammstein’s singer

Young girls recruited for sex with Rammstein’s singer
Young girls recruited for sex with Rammstein’s singer

Earlier this week, accusations of sexual abuse were directed at the German band Rammstein’s frontman and singer Till Lindemann, 60, writes NDR and Süddeutshe Zeitung, among others.

An Irish fan named Shelby Lynn posted a post on Instagram where she wrote that after a concert in Vilnius, she was invited to an after-party with the band, where the alleged abuse also took place.

Been drugged

According to her own statement, the singer allegedly gave her sexual invitations at the party. When she then nudged him, he must have behaved very aggressively. Lynn herself suspects that she was drugged because she suffered memory lapses and woke up bruised the day after the concert. A report against the star must also have been made.

German media such as NDR and Süddeutsche Zeitung have shared similar stories from a dozen or so young women that corroborate Shelby Lynn’s claims and testify that there was a systematic recruitment of young women, handpicked by Rammstein’s team, to have sex with the band’s singer after the concerts.

The young women were allegedly asked to send pictures of themselves before the concerts and also given directives to dress a certain way in order to gain access to what is reportedly called “row zero”, a special space directly in front of the stage.

Interested in very young women

One of the women told NDR and Süddeutsche Zeitung that she was told that entry to the after-party was only for those who could imagine having sex with Lindemann, and that the 60-year-old singer was only interested in very young women.

The German reporters have also collected several screenshots from Whatsapp and chats on Instagram that back up the women’s statements.

Neither Lindemann nor any of the team around Rammstein have chosen to respond to the accusations directly to NDR and Süddeutsche Zeitung, but reject the accusations on the band’s Twitter where they write:

“Regarding the allegations circulating on the Internet about Vilnius, we can rule out the possibility that what is alleged took place in our surroundings.”

“We are not aware of any official investigation into this matter.”

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