Kate Middleton’s new hairstyle is autumn’s trendiest


Autumn’s biggest hair trend hits both castles and huts. The latest ambassador for the hot, sweeping “Farrah bangs” is Kate Middletonthe Princess of Wales.

The hairstyle is named after the actor Farrah Fawcettwhich made it incredibly popular when she wore it in the 1970s TV series Charlie’s Angels. And now it’s back, as part of the trend that focuses on fluffy, voluminous hair. And as an easy way to update your hairstyle for the new season.

“Great way to give character to your hairstyle”

– It’s a great approach if you want to give character to your hairstyle without doing something drastic, like full bangs, says the hairstylist Roi Nadine to Vogue magazine, and continues:

– This fringe is also softer and suits literally everyone. It is also very good for thin hair, as it creates volume at the front.

Farrah Fawcett in her defining hairstyle in the 1970s. Photo: PF1 / ALL OVER PRESS WENN.COM

The hairstyle frames the face in a flattering way and is easy to maintain. Best styling tips from the expert, Vogue writes, is to blow-dry the bangs forward using your hands or a brush – for a cool Bardot vibe. And for that perfectly mischievous Farrah burr, blow your hair back.

Another trendsetter who helped reintroduce the Farrah bangs is the Swedish influencer Matilda Djerfwhich might even have inspired Kate and her hairdressers a bit?


Kate Middleton in a new hairstyle and a suit from the princess’ design favorite Alexander McQueen Photo: STEPHEN LOCK / I-IMAGES / POLARIS POLARIS IMAGES

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