Antonija Mandir reveals new love: “Never been happier”

Antonija Mandir reveals new love: “Never been happier”
Antonija Mandir reveals new love: “Never been happier”

Antonija Mandir, 27, has found love in boyfriend Valencia, 32. She reveals this on her social media.

– We have met for quite a while and I thought that now is the time to tell you, says Antonija Mandir.

The couple met in a dance studio where they both danced bachata, but they were not strangers to each other then. Mandir says that they had mutual friends and knew each other before.

With dramatic movements, she describes how the first meeting took place.

– When this guy walks into this room, it was like the gate just opened. Here comes a guy full of energy. It’s just loose about him, says Antonija Mandir who explains that he showed up for “social dancing” after her dance lesson ended.

Traveled abroad on first date

The YouTuber says that, blinded by love and drunk on alcohol in the bachata studio, she asked if Valencia wanted to join him on a trip abroad, after which he asked her to come back the next day when she sobered up.

The next day, she knocks on his door, steps in and books his plane ticket on the computer.

– So I say “so, see you at Arlanda in two days”. As it is, two days later, he’s standing outside my apartment at 6 a.m. with a taxi on his way to Arlanda because we’re going abroad together and it’s only been a few days since we met for the first time, says Antonija Mandir.

The first date lasted two days and was successful to say the least. Last October, they officially became a couple.

– I have never been happier ever in my entire life, she says in her YouTube video.

– He is the most obvious person in life for me.

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