Eating disorder – Trust the help!

Eating disorder – Trust the help!
Eating disorder – Trust the help!

I have met several women recently who have stopped me in town and thanked me for appearing on Tv4 in July, when I talked about my journey to recovery from my eating disorder. There were two mothers who told me that their daughters had sought help after watching the program and a woman who was 50+ who told me that she had sought Mandometer. She wanted to live the rest of her life healthy.

You have no idea how happy I was about the conversations. One woman worked in a shop (I was going to buy candy) and I stood there sobbing and being happy for my daughter.

I have come out on the other side and life as a healthy person is something completely different. I don’t have a demon in me telling me to eat everything in the fridge, eat the leftovers from the frying pan when Paul isn’t looking, eat a marabou in the car on the way home from an act. Today I can enjoy a dinner with friends without thinking only about how much or how little I should eat. That alone makes a huge difference in life!

I also don’t enter restrictive periods, I don’t cut out certain ingredients or compete with myself to eat little.

Life, the body and food kind of just roll on in life. And the last two are not so important anymore. The body is a body and food is food. It’s a completely different life.

I have an important piece of advice that you are welcome to share with those who have been given the opportunity to receive professional help; Dare to trust the help. Don’t lie to the staff, say any strange thoughts that pop into your head. Out with everything. Listen to their advice and really try to put your life (your illness) in their hands. They have a clue. Do as they say. It sounds harsh and difficult, but it is the only way.

At the beginning, I thought “well, I can learn how to eat, but I’ll still get liposuction when I’m done”. I admitted that thought to my therapist at Mandometer and my therapist was so cool because she said a bit cockily “Well, we’ll see if you really like it after you’ve been here for a while. Just wait”.

She was right. As declared healthy, the idea of ​​liposuction is gone. I don’t even see the problem anymore on my body.

I was at a follow-up meeting two weeks ago and then I said “Think you could reprogram my brain”. To which she replied “No you recovered from the disease and you became”.

I don’t have a good ending to the post but I just want to encourage you to get help and listen to the help <3

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