Get into the Christmas spirit with an advent calendar for adults!

Now it’s time to open the door – or rather – crack Christmas with a paper knife (and put a stop to the Christmas spirit). Expectation is the theme of a high-class artistic advent calendar with contributions from (among others) the artist Karin Mamma Andersson, the writer Karolina Ramqvist and the actor Jonas Karlsson!

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Soon, a thousand Christmas lights are lit, stars twinkle in every other window, the Advent calendar starts rolling on Swedish television, the children wake up to open the door every morning until December 24. The child in the adult perhaps remembers what it was once like to be a child at Christmas time, lacks its own doors to open, there are sighs over plans for the purchase of ham and herring and red cabbage and mulled wine and Christmas presents and fir trees and everything else that belongs to Christmas. Money counts, how will it be enough in times of inflation, at the same time as the wretched Riksbank governor Ingves raises the key interest rate just in time for Advent, what a mean Santa, what kind of Christmas present is that? – and how many candles can you really afford on the Christmas tree? It was so much simpler when you were little, then Christmas was just one big expectation.

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But now, in any case, an advent calendar for adults, in which the doors cannot be opened, but can be opened with a paper knife, the kind used in the twentieth century to open letter envelopes and other things, can be purchased in antique shops, but it is possible also good to pop with a bread knife and you take it carefully.

The theme of the calendar is precisely also expectation, where artists, writers, actors, musicians (and other kinds of cultural workers) have written, drawn and painted twenty-four contributions from the first Advent onwards. What can you dream about in difficult times, what can you expect from the future?

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The artists Karin Mamma Andersson, Martina Müntzing, Harald Lyth, the writers Karolina Ramqvist, Magnus Västerbro, Kristian Petri, the actors Jonas Karlsson, Erik Ehn and the musician Staffan Hellstrand take part here. The project manager for the advent calendar is the actor Margareta Petterson, who in the preface writes about when she told Lars Norén about the book project, who then replied, “Margareta, can I also be there?”

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Photo: Mathias Johansson/CFHILL

Margareta tells us that Lars Norén liked Christmas a lot – possibly a bit off-putting, Norén’s dramatic production has probably never breathed much Christmas peace (but maybe precisely because of that, it’s nice to rest from all the drama, feel Christmas peace at Christmas time) – before the book project had time to get started Lars Norén passed away, so no contribution from Lars Norén. But can one imagine, as many believe, that the souls of the dead go to heaven and on to outer space, and there turn into twinkling stars. In the light of all these stars, it can then be nice to use the paper knife as hard as possible to create an artistic meeting every morning until Christmas. Over this (one can also imagine) the star Lars Norén flashes a little extra on top of that. God bless it!

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