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The court confirms: Mary and Frederik leave – the historic decision after all the years: “Private” | Swedish Lady

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary leave after the turbulent times.

That’s how Mary and Frederik met!

After the commercial: That’s how Mary and Frederik met!


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The crises have followed each other in recent months and the mood within the Danish royal family has been chilly to say the least.

When Queen Margrethe announced in September that Prince Joachim’s four children would be stripped of their prince and princess titles, she shook the whole country.

It also affected Joachim’s relationship with Crown Prince Frederik. In October, he told us that they still had no contact, even though a month had passed since the announcement.

– Unfortunately not, said Prince Joachim and told that the relationship with the crown prince couple is as “complicated as it can be”.

Prince Joachim was anything but happy after Queen Margrethe’s decision to strip his children of their prince and princess titles.

Martin Sylvest

Crown Prince Frederik’s first words about stormy times

It also took a long time before Frederik dared to speak out about the sensitive incident. In an interview with Danish BT, he said that the decision was entirely his mother’s, but that he stood behind it one hundred percent.

– My mother has made this decision on her own, it is what she can do and what she wants to do. She thought the time had come to make the decision, which I also support and see as the right thing to do.

Frederik and Mary’s private picture – you’ve never seen them before

Mary and Frederik leave Denmark

Yes, it has been a turbulent autumn in the Danish royal family, to say the least. Now Frederik and Crown Princess Mary have made a historic decision and decided to leave the country in connection with the Christmas celebrations.

Instead, they will celebrate Christmas in Mary’s native Australia. This means that the crown prince couple and the children will leave the always so well-dressed tree at Amalienborg.

– We are looking forward to going to Australia and celebrating Christmas with my family. It has been many years since the last time, says Mary to Billed-bladet.

The Danish royal family also confirms the trip:

“The Crown Prince’s family travels in December on a private Christmas celebration to Australia to celebrate the holiday together with the Crown Princess’s family. It is the first time in five years that the crown prince couple and their four children have visited the crown princess’s homeland,” writes the Danish royal family on Instagram.

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary travel to Australia

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary leave Denmark to celebrate Christmas in Australia.

UK / dana press

Photo: TT

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