Freddie Mercury’s love for ex-girlfriend Mary Austin

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November 24, 2022

Rock icon Freddie Mercury passed away in 1991 from AIDS.
Before he took his last breath, he received a nice gift from the “love of his life”; ex-girlfriend Mary Austin.
– It was proof of how well she knew him, says a friend Queen-the star of Express magazine.

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The rock band Queens frontman Freddie Mercury, or Farrokh Bulsara as he was actually called, has gone down in history as one of the world’s most outstanding musical talents.

The late icon was born in the mid-40s. Together with the family mother Jer, father Bomi and sister Kashmira, he was forced to flee his home in Zanzibar in 1964.

– Freddie was so excited. He said “We should go to England, mum”, Jer told a few years ago in an interview according to the newspaper Express.

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The rock band Queens tremendous success

To this day have Queens song tax and music video repertoire a relevant place in pop culture. Sounds like Bohemian rhapsody, Don’t stop me now, We will rock you, We are the champions, Under pressure and The show must go on is still widely played on the radio and on music streaming services worldwide.

The band was formed in 1970 by singer Freddie Mercury, guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor. Bassist John Deacon joined the band the following year. Their self-titled debut album Queen came in 1973, but it would be until the following year before the big breakthrough came. By then they would have had time to release two more albums.

The rock band Queens four members in 1975, after the international breakthrough.

Andre Csillag/REX/Shutterstock

The band challenged the stereotype of the male ideal, just like other contemporary musicians, and experimented a lot with different creative expressions. The band achieved undisputed success, but despite this, the Freddies never received the support of their parents.

– My parents were furious when they found out what I was doing. I came home periodically and with different clothes and my nails were painted black. Then my parents used to go crazy, Freddie is said to have said according to the Express newspaper.

Live aid performance in 1985.” alt=”Freddie Mercury during the iconic Live Aid performance in 1985.”/>

Freddie Mercury during the iconic Live aid-the performance in 1985.


Freddie Mercury’s relationship with ex-fiancee Mary Austin

When Queen broke through was Freddie along with Mary Austin. He and his ex-girlfriend broke off their engagement in 1976, but the friendship lasted long after that. They were close friends right up until the superstar’s death on November 24, 1991.

Although Freddie was gay and lived true to himself in the latter part of his life, he still described Mary as “the love of my life.”

– All my lovers asked me why they couldn’t replace Mary, but it was absolutely impossible, Freddie is said to have said according to The Mirror.

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In 1987 he was diagnosed with AIDS, the disease that killed him a few years later. During his illness, Freddie found great support in Mary’s friendship, which was never conditioned by his fame or wealth. She never left his side.

The last seven years of his life he was with his boyfriend Jim Hutton.

Queen. They broke off the engagement in 1976.” alt=”Freddie Mercury and Mary Austin”/>

Freddie Mercury and Mary Austin were a couple before the success of Queen. They broke off the engagement in 1976.

Steve Emberton

Freddie Mercury’s last wish before his death

Freddie and ex-girlfriend Mary had a special bond that few could understand. Several times during his life he stated how she was the one who knew him most intimately.

– She had given him a newspaper from the day he was born, which he could read on his “throne in heaven”. It was a testament to how well she knew him. A small gift, a gesture, means more than someone buying you Big Ben. It’s from someone who cares about you and that’s all Freddie cared about, close friend Peter Freestone told the Express newspaper.

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Peter was Freddie’s personal assistant for the last 12 years of the rock icon’s life. During the last time, Peter and several others who were part of the “inner circle” lived together with Freddie in the villa Garden lodge, in the Kensington district of London.


Freddie Mercury’s home in West London, UK.

Nils Jorgensen/REX

Peter remembers how Freddie’s last wish was to visit the downstairs of the house one last time, to view the art collection and tell about how he came across the valuable works of art throughout his life.

– Terry [Giddings, chaufför och livvakt reds. anm.] carried him down the stairs. He could get around the room by himself, with one of us supporting him, Peter explained.

His closest friends, including Mary, were with him at the moment of death. The Garden lodge residence, which was inherited by the former love, has been kept in the same condition when Freddie passed away in the early 90s.

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