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Robinson-Robban’s health battle: “I have an eating disorder”

Robert “Robinson-Robban” Andersson, 48, broke through – as the nickname suggests – in Expedition Robinson on SVT in 1999. After that, he participated three more times, which makes him the participant who has participated the most times.

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Lost seven kilos in a month

Now he can be seen in a new TV program, Carina Bergs King of the Hill which runs on Kanal 5. And in true Robinson-Robban spirit, he has been training hard for his participation. But after the tough training period, he came to a realization.

– The point is that I suspect that I have an eating disorder, in all seriousness. Before the competition I lost six, seven kilos in a month, I skipped the butter on the sandwiches, ate tuna, cycled to work, home from work, stayed sober, was in good shape and immediately when I finished the competition I got up everything again, he tells Expressen.

Robert Andersson was born in Gällivare and has two children.


He makes it clear that he gained five kilos in three weeks and “got his old man’s stomach back” after the program. Robert Andersson suspects that there is a reason for the food problems: the strong sleeping pills he takes before bed.

He says he is taking the pills because of a previous back injury, which he suffered from for over 30 years.

– Just before I fall asleep, I get both happy and tired and “wow-wow-wow” and start chewing and I throw up food right before I go to bed, every night, he explains and points out that they usually avoid having snacks at home during the weeks to avoid binge eating.

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“Living with pain is a full-time project”

Instead, he goes off on other goodies that are in the pantry, such as nuts and seeds. It is something that fiancee Simone Brandstedt, 31, began to question.

– Then Simone wakes up in the morning and “Robert, what have you done, there are crumbs all over the kitchen”.

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Robinson-Robban has previously spoken out about his severe back pain.

– Living with pain is a full-time project. Everything is affected by pain down to the smallest detail, he tells Expressen, and explains how the problems arose.

– A crazy surgeon thought I needed back surgery because I was in a bit of pain when skiing. So I had surgery for compartment syndrome. All the back doctors I met afterwards have said: “How could that happen?”. “Since the day he put the knife in me, my chest hurt,” he says.

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