Folkets Hus celebrated a double anniversary – Norrtelje Tidning

The first People’s House was completed in 1920 and was actually supposed to be celebrated two years ago, but then there was a pandemic and the party had to be postponed. Now the pandemic is no longer as intense and then the association could take the opportunity to celebrate both the old and the new Folkets Hus at the same time.

Of course, people were gathered at Folkets Hus, where the guests received bubbly on arrival and could take part in an exhibition in the Edebosalen.

Chairman Per Anders Wikström welcomed everyone to the table and then handed over the floor to the evening’s emcee Rolf Hedin from Skebobruk.

Rolf is also a musician and this evening was joined by Malin Berglund, from Hallstavik, and Anders Forsslund, Stockholm (known among others from The Mascots and FJK).

Together they performed well-known songs and verses they had written and set to music. Including a tribute song to Folkets Hus and a fresh ironic text about what has happened in the municipality lately.


Some of the speakers, from left Hans Åhman, Aleksandar Srndovic, Lars Olof Holmgren and Stig Samuelsson. Photo: Private

Restaurant Källan was responsible for a nice three-course dinner with a beef fillet and potato cake as the main course. Between the food and the music, the guests who wished were allowed to say their greetings.

First on the scene was Lars Olof Holmgren, famous director of Folkets Hus during the 70s and early 80s, later director in Nynäshamn. He told, among other things, about the New Year’s revues that he was part of and started in Hallstavik.

After Holmgren, Stig Samuelsson became director and he too gave a greeting. Aleksandar Srndovic, chairman of Pappers, told about the close relationship between Pappers and Folkets Hus and handed over a newly written commemorative book about this to the association.

Olle Jansson presented a greeting from Norrtälje Workers’ Municipality and hoped that the association would continue to receive municipal support that would guarantee future activities in Folkets Hus.

Anders Forsslund played during the mingle. Photo: Private

It can be noted that no one from the governing majority or the cultural committee had heeded the invitation to attend the anniversary. Hans Åhman from Folkets Husstyrelsen presented a gift to Per Anders for his extensive non-profit work in the association and Folkets Hus.

Last on stage was Roger Berglund, who informed about an ongoing book project that aims to make a book about Folkets Husföreningen Framtiden’s more than one hundred year history, which also includes Folkets Park time in Hallstavik.

After food and speeches, the guests were able to hang out, shop in the bar or look at the exhibition about Folkets Hus.

Roger Berglund

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