David Druid is engaged – tells in “Morgonpasset”

David Druid is engaged – tells in “Morgonpasset”
David Druid is engaged – tells in “Morgonpasset”

Collapsing with laughter after the proposal rock

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Maybe Sweden’s hottest celebrity couple Christian Bauer and Pernilla Wahlgren got engaged.

Then radio host David Druid took the opportunity to reveal that this was also the case for him.

– Pernilla Wahlgren, it’s a completely different level of course, he says in “Morgonpasset”.

During the morning the radio announcer wrote David Druid38, on Instagram that he and the girlfriend Elena Samuelsson33, got engaged.

But when the radio program “Morgonpasset” is to discuss the hottest news in entertainment Sweden, the studio was cleared – Pernilla Wahlgren’s55, and Christian Bauers, 56, engagement. Then it fails Kodjo Akolor41, burst out laughing.

– It’s not just Pernilla who got engaged, he says when he has recovered from the fit of laughter.

– David has committed courtship, says the colleague Margret Atladottir37.

And David Druid agrees with his colleagues that he is being overlooked.

– Pernilla Wahlgren, it’s a completely different level, of course, he says in the program.

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David Druid.
David Druid. Photo: PONTUS LUNDAHL / TT

Revealed on Instagram

David Druid’s followers were already reached a moment before by the happy message on his Instagram story.

“We are going to get married,” he writes.

But the very observant could already take part in the news on girlfriend Elena Samuelsson’s Instagram on Monday, where she showed off the ring.

“Thank you for letting me spend the rest of my life with you. I love you,” she writes

She says that she and David Druid met for the first time just over a year ago. And it was love from the first moment, then the love has continued.

“On Wednesday we signed for our house, the day before Christmas he proposed to me and of course I said YES!”

Aftonbladet has applied for David Druid.

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