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Krister Henriksson’s speech at the Guldbaggegala received harsh criticism.

Large parts of the Swedish acting elite had gathered at Cirkus in Stockholm to witness the Guldbaggegala. During the evening, there were tears, joy and beautiful and attention-grabbing speeches.


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A speech that received extra attention was Krister Henriksson’s. Not necessarily because it was unusually good or beautiful, but rather because he chose to go down a path that afterwards provoked anger.

In the speech, he joked about prostitutes and condoms, among other things, something that was criticized by columnists Karolina Fjellborg in Aftonbladet and Maria Brander in Expressen.

Krister Henriksson gives a speech at the Guldbaggegala

Krister Henriksson gives a speech at the Guldbaggegalan 2023.


“What was he doing anyway?”

First, Karolina Fjellborg praised the actor Jonas Karlsson for his experienced way of speaking in front of people, his love for film and the respect for colleagues – then she saw Krister Henriksson.

“On the other hand: Krister Henriksson is also experienced, and what was he really doing?”, she wrote and did not think that his joke about prostitutes and condoms landed “completely”.

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Harsh words after the speech

Expressen’s Maria Brander was also surprised by Krister Henriksson’s speech. In a column after the gala, she wrote:

“The actor Krister Henriksson really pushed himself towards the end and made jokes about prostitutes and condoms that felt like leftovers from the cartoons you found on the outside 40 years ago. Well done!”.

Krister Henriksson is one of Sweden’s biggest actors. He is best known for the role of Kurt Wallander in the Wallander series. He has also been awarded a Guldbagge for best male lead in the film Veranda for a tenor in 1998.

Krister Henriksson

Krister Henriksson is one of Sweden’s greatest actors and has, among other things, been awarded with the Guldbaggen for best male lead in the film Veranda för en tenor.

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Photo: TT/SVT

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