Alexandra Rapaport about the end of the Murders in Sandhamn: “Both surprised and happy”

Alexandra Rapaport about the end of the Murders in Sandhamn: “Both surprised and happy”
Alexandra Rapaport about the end of the Murders in Sandhamn: “Both surprised and happy”

The final has evoked strong reactions

The ninth season of “Murder in Sandhamn” ended in a way that keeps fans rocking. Alexandra Rapaport says that she is both surprised and happy about the markup.

On Tuesday, television viewers were reached by the final of The murders in Sandhamn season 9, and the reactions that came were as numerous as they were strong. The big star of the series Alexandra Rapaport believes that she is inundated with comments, and gives her guess as to why this season in particular has been especially popular with viewers.

Crime series The murders in Sandhamn had its first premiere on December 20, 2010. Since then, it has engaged its viewers with excitement drawn from the author Viveca Stones best-selling detective story about prosecutor Nora Linde who solves murder cases in Stockholm’s archipelago.

Without revealing too much, the long-running show’s latest season ends with a cliffhanger called duga, which left fans clamoring for more. At the moment, it is not clear how things look with a tenth season, but based on the unconditional love the series received, it would be almost a malpractice not to continue the story of Nora and Alexander.

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Alexandra Rapaport on the end of the Murders in Sandhamn, which attracted a lot of attention: “I’m both surprised and happy”

In an interview with The evening paper tells Alexandra Rapaport about how she herself has taken the many reactions to the end of the ninth season:

– I am both surprised and happy that there has been such a push in social media. I am inundated with comments, both love and outrage.

The 51-year-old actor believes the show means more to people now than ever before because of the times we live in:

– It seems that the series fulfilled a greater function than before in these gloomy times of winter, war and recession, Alexandra Rapaport says to Aftonbladet.

Furthermore, she tells the newspaper that she cannot say what the future holds for the beloved production – but that she knows the status of the series. Filmtopp keeps you updated as soon as something new appears on that front.

All nine seasons of “Murder in Sandhamn” can be streamed on C More.

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