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Man arrested for attempted rape | GP

Man arrested for attempted rape | GP
Man arrested for attempted rape | GP

It was just after 10 pm that the police were called to the Kungstensmotet in Gothenburg due to an attempted rape. A man had jumped on a 25-year-old woman and threatened her with a bottle.

– He has pushed her up against a rock wall but is interrupted by some passers-by, says Göran Carlbom, officer on duty at the police in the West region.

The suspected perpetrator disappeared from the scene but was later found by the police.

– He is initially suspected of attempted rape, says Göran Carlbom.

The woman is said to have received a bump on the back of her head but, according to the police, was not seriously physically injured.

Are the perpetrator and the woman related to each other?

– They are probably completely unknown to each other.

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