Charles Simonyi’s luxury yacht Norn on a visit to Stockholm


There were probably several people who moored at Skeppsbron in Stockholm on Thursday, where the 90 meter long luxury yacht Norn had docked. Several stopped to photograph the impressive ship with a large helicopter on board.

The yacht had been fenced off and a guard stood outside at the dock. Another guard was also seen walking around the yacht – but there was no sign of the yacht’s owner Hungarian-American multi-billionaire Charles Simonyi, 74, and his Swedish wife Lisa Persdotter, 42.

Is good for over 69 billion

Charles Simonyi was previously one of the top men in the IT company Microsoft where he was project manager behind Microsoft Word and Excel. He still holds his shares in the billion-dollar company, and Simonyi also started the company Intentional Software Corporation, which has been acquired by Microsoft. Charles Simonyi has amassed an impressive fortune of over 69 billion Swedish kronor, according to the American business magazine Forbes.

Simonyi is also known as the fifth space tourist ever when he paid 250 million to go to space in 2007. He then returned to space two years later.

Charles Simonyi became the fifth tourist in space in 2007 and then returned again in 2009.


Was with Martha Stewart – fell for Swedish Lisa

Simonyi was with TV personality Martha Stewart, 81, for 15 years, until 2008. The same year that relationship ended, he fell for 32 years younger Swedish Lisa Persdotter. The couple had known each other for several years through Charles’ parents, but it was during a sailing with Charles’ second luxury yacht Skat that the couple clicked.

Charles Simonyi together with wife Lisa Persdotter.


Charles Simonyi was with American television personality and host Martha Stewart for 15 years.


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– We complement each other, like each other’s interests and activities. I can go to parties with Lisa’s friends, Charles has previously said about the couple’s age difference in an interview with GT.

The couple married the same year they met and have daughters Lilian and Livia Suzanne together, who were born in 2011 and 2012 respectively. The family lives in Washington in the USA but now seems to be visiting Stockholm. It is unclear how long the luxury yacht will stay at Skeppsbron.

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