Mogo’s Amanuel Tesfemariam was shot dead in Uppsala

Mogo’s Amanuel Tesfemariam was shot dead in Uppsala
Mogo’s Amanuel Tesfemariam was shot dead in Uppsala

A bloody wave of violence has washed over Uppsala in recent days. The background is suspected to be a split in the top layer of the criminal Foxtrot network in Turkey.

This morning it was the parents of 25-year-old Mogos Amanuel Tesfemariam who had to receive a death notice from the Uppsala police.

The son is unpunished and has absolutely no links to crime.

Early on Tuesday morning, he was found murdered in the stairwell outside his apartment. He was met on the stairs by at least one gunman, and according to reports he was shot with several shots, both in the chest and in the head.

Mogos Amanuel’s father tells us that his son, who according to the population register is 23, used to get up early because he worked in domestic services. But this morning he never came out the gate.

Suspected misfiring

Family and friends have gathered at the parents’ home to try to understand what happened.

– They are cursed, full of sadness, They can’t believe it’s true, says Robel, close to the family.

The police suspect that it was a mistaken shooting and that the intended victim was a relative of Rawa Majid, the “Kurdish fox”, who has connections to the address.

There is no indication that Mogo’s Amanuel Tesfamariam was the intended victim.

Relatives of the Robel family:

– He was a great guy, he had just started adulthood. He had big dreams. He wanted to study law and his biggest dream was to become a lawyer.

Special event against violence

It is the third act of violence in Uppsala in a short time and on Tuesday the police have announced that they have launched a special event against the background of the increasing violence.

Last week, a woman in her 60s who was the mother of the “Kurdish Fox’s” rival was reportedly murdered. And this weekend, a shooting was carried out in which Rawa Majid’s mother-in-law was the target, according to the police theory.

Even then, Mogos Amanuel’s family felt worried about what was happening in the city and how it would develop, says Mogos Amanuel Tesfamariam’s father.

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