S says yes to extending Schengen

S says yes to extending Schengen
S says yes to extending Schengen

Earlier this fall, the Social Democrats (S) said no to admitting the two countries into European border control cooperation. The reason was that they were not allowed to see impact analyzes from the relevant authorities on how, among other things, the fight against crime was affected.
The government has now submitted a compilation of the opinions of various authorities to the Riksdag’s justice committee.

– It seems that the authorities have no objections to the expansion, says Shekarabi.

– Against that background, we are prepared to stand behind a Swedish position that opens the way for the extension of Schengen so that Romania and Bulgaria enter.

Sets requirements for future decisions

Shekarabi adds that S will continue to say no to EU proposals if it is considered that there is a lack of solid analyzes of how Swedish interests are affected.

– We will have that demand on the government going forward in all EU matters, he says.
Shekarabi points out that it is particularly important during the Swedish EU presidency in the first half of 2023. He emphasizes that it must not only be about whether things go well for the Swedish EU presidency when it comes to bringing various issues to port in the EU’s Council of Ministers .

– We have to start from what is best for Sweden in a larger context, says Shekarabi.

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