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Sony presents wireless headphones and portable streaming console

Sony presents wireless headphones and portable streaming console
Sony presents wireless headphones and portable streaming console

Sony did not want Microsoft to have all the media focus on them during the Build conference and therefore held its own press event on Wednesday called the Playstation Showcase where the company shows both upcoming games and new hardware that is in the works.

First, Sony is working on a pair true wireless-headphones specially designed for Playstation 5, which use a new wireless technology developed in-house that enables support for uncompressed audio, also called lossless. The design has clear similarities to the Playstation 5, both on the headphones themselves and on the charging case.

The headphones take inspiration from Playstation 5.


The same applies to the included case.

Sony does not reveal any information about when the headphones will be launched, what the new technology actually means or how much they will cost.

Project Q will stream Playstation 5 games in portable format

The next news is something internally at Sony called Project Q and which was rumored earlier this spring. It’s a handheld screen with a built-in controller, a kind of portable console that can only stream games. The Playstation 5 acts as a base station for it and the games are streamed over Wifi with up to 1080p resolution and 60 FPS.


It has an eight-inch screen with LCD panel and looks like a Dual Sense controller that has been pulled apart and had the screen placed in the middle. Sony says it has the same buttons and functions as the regular controllers.

What the company doesn’t reveal is the price, again. It is also not clear whether Project Q can be used in multiplayer games where other players are sitting in front of the TV with regular hand controllers.

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