Donald Trump mocks Ron DeSanti’s campaign launch on Twitter

Donald Trump mocks Ron DeSanti’s campaign launch on Twitter
Donald Trump mocks Ron DeSanti’s campaign launch on Twitter

Florida Governor DeSantis probably imagined things would go much better when he announced his presidential candidacy. It all happened on Twitter Spaces, the social media giant’s service for audio conversations, where he was supposed to have a conversation with Twitter boss Elon Musk.

Hundreds of thousands of listeners had tuned in to listen. It was too much for Twitter. For twenty minutes the call was plagued by technical problems and crashed several times. An invitation for Donald Trump, it seems, who hopes to win the Republican nomination and get another chance to settle the presidential title with Joe Biden.

Trump took to his own social media platform, Truth Social, and opened the sarcastic floodgates.

“Ron DeSanctimonious”

“Wow! DeSanctus TWITTER launch is a DISASTER! His entire campaign will be a disaster. LOOK!” Trump wrote, among other things.

DeSantis, whom Trump called various variations of DeSanctimonious in his posts, was portrayed as disloyal. Trump brought up that he had supported his former ally DeSantis in the gubernatorial election, thereby also saving his victory.

The Trump campaign sent out no less than eleven smear emails in just an hour and a half after the announcement, Svenska Dagbladet’s Malin Ekman writes in a column. Donald Trump also referenced Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina, whose microphone died while announcing his candidacy.

“Tim Scott’s presidential launch, even with the broken mic (don’t pay the handyman, Tim!) was by far the best announcement this week. Rob’s was a disaster!” wrote Trump, who several times avoided spelling “Ron” correctly.

Donald Trump remains the favorite to win the Republican nomination, but Ron DeSantis is the one of his opponents who has the best chance of upsetting the former president. There are many indications that the attacks between them will continue during the Republican primaries.

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