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Double bang for Sara skyttedal – she can replace

Double bang for Sara skyttedal – she can replace
Double bang for Sara skyttedal – she can replace

Published: Less than 50 min ago

Here is the first cold shower for Sara Skyttedal: David Lega crushed her in the number of nominations before the party’s EU trial election.

Cold shower number two: The party has found a new match horse for Lega in the filly calf Ella Kardemark, several party sources state.

– I am not running against anyone, but for our party, says Kardemark, municipal councilor in Halmstad.

On Thursday, the trial election begins, where KD’s members can have their say and vote for who they want to be the party’s candidates for next year’s European Parliament elections.

The trial election runs until June 25, and has been preceded by a nomination process where the members have been allowed to nominate their favorite candidates.

There, incumbent EU parliamentarian David Lega crushed his parliamentary colleague Sara Skyttedal, according to Aftonbladet’s information.

Lega is said to have received about a hundred more nominations than Skyttedal, who has been much discussed in the party since his many cannabis exploits that stole the headlines.

– I have not heard any official figures, but it is fun if it has gone well. I am very happy and proud to have been nominated, says David Lega himself.

full screen
David Lega.
David Lega. Photo: Ola Axman

Lifted by the wire

Aftonbladet has previously reported on widespread and open dissatisfaction among local politicians where Skyttedal’s actions were described as “an aggravating circumstance”.

Several independent sources tell Aftonbladet that they have now found a candidate they hope to be able to play against Sara Skyttedal – the municipal councilor in Halmstad Ella Kardemark, 39.

Ella Kardemark sits on the Christian Democrats’ party board and has a similar political profile to Skyttedal. As a rule, they both are said to vote for the right side when there is such a dividing line internally, just like Skyttedal.

According to Aftonbladet’s information, she must have been pushed by the party leadership and urged to stand up and run for office.

– I have been contacted after apparently having been nominated and thinking back and forth. I have been a municipal councilor in Halmstad since 2019 and think it has been an incredibly rewarding assignment, and believe that I have a lot to contribute from the local perspective, says Ella Kardemark.

She does not want to see herself as an alternative to Sara Skyttedal, but believes that everyone who runs for the party has her full support.

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Sara Skyttedal.
Sara Skyttedal. Photo: PETER WIXTRÖM

Want to honor the process

The trial election will form the basis of the list that the nomination committee presents to the autumn party representative. There, representatives will then vote for which candidates will finally top the EU list before the 2024 election.

There is already a lot to say that the Christian Democrats will find it difficult to keep both of their seats in the European Parliament, as public opinion has been on the decline for a long time. In the latest survey from Aftonbladet/Demoskop, they reached just 4 percent voter support, far from the 8.6 percent they had in the last EU election in 2019.

Which candidate tips the list can therefore be directly decisive for who the party sends to Brussels for a new mandate, as long as the 5 percent of the votes required for a mandate are even reached.

After all, Sara Skyttedal is the one in the party who received the second most nominations, according to Aftonbladet’s information, and is also running in the trial election.

“Sara Skyttedal says that she wants to let the members carry out the trial election in peace and quiet, and that she wants to honor that process by refraining from various types of speculation in the media,” writes her press contact Dag Elfström in a message.

Victor Stenquist

The article is in Swedish

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