Disc review: Seinabo Sey – “The one after me”

Disc review: Seinabo Sey – “The one after me”
Disc review: Seinabo Sey – “The one after me”


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Seinabo Sey

“The one after me”


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Ever since the debut single “Younger” in 2013, Seinabo Sey’s unique voice has captivated a large audience. During her career, she has won four Grammys and has become a face on stamps as a representative of the Swedish music export.

The 32-year-old artist’s safe soul pop is heartfelt but easy to digest – which doesn’t mean it came without statements. The 2018 album contained the empowerment song “Breathe” which stirred the colostrum, as well as the majestically strong “I owe you nothing”.

On the cozy EP “Sweet Life” from 2021, Sey showcased a new producer and songwriting team. Before the new full-length, the producer Simon On The Moon (Sudan Archives, Mustafa) has also joined and together they have dipped their toes in Swedish folk music. The elements of nyckelharp and lyre often become a successful spice in the soundscape where modern r’n’b, ambient parts and soft soul pop come together about the space.

The upcoming single “42” is r’n’b with a house beat and – for Sey – unusually cocky lyrics about a toxic relationship. The song is certainly good but it lives in a different world compared to the more innovative tracks like “Pretty kids” where floating, melodic vocal layers and pedal organ add a strange note.

The album marks a new musical direction for Seinabo Sey that will be exciting to follow. Just wish the big picture had been looked at more and given as much love as the details.

Best track: “Coffee remix”, “Pretty kids”

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