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Section manager for the Traffic Section in Region Mitt

Section manager for the Traffic Section in Region Mitt
Section manager for the Traffic Section in Region Mitt

Police Region Mitt




Uppsala county


May 26, 2023

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June 14, 2023

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Job description

Are you ready for a bigger task?

The police agency is Sweden’s largest authority with approximately 34,000 employees and is organized into seven police regions, a number of national departments and an office. The authority is in the midst of extensive growth that will continue for the next few years. This is to be able to meet the challenges of the future. Working for the police means creating security in people’s lives. Every day.

Police Region Mitt is located in the middle of the country with headquarters in Uppsala. Operations in the region are organized in three police areas: Uppsala, Västmanland and Gävleborg, which together are divided into eight local police areas. Furthermore, there are three regional units: the operational unit, the intelligence unit and the investigation unit, a regional office and national departments that are represented in the region to provide support for police operations.

Operational unit’s task is to actively support local police areas, police areas and units in their basic mission. This is done by developing and providing specialist skills that increase the operational effect in working with the region’s problem picture. With specialist competence, high service and good cooperation, the operational unit is an important part of the operational and crime-fighting work in the Central region.

Traffic Section is part of the operational unit in region Mitt. The police’s road safety work aims to contribute to a reduced number of dead and injured in traffic. To prevent traffic accidents, traffic safety work is focused on the priority areas of speed and sobriety, as well as flying inspection and other checks of vehicles and drivers. The work is directed both towards professional traffic and passenger traffic on the state road network. The road crime concept aims to detect other types of crime in the traffic environment, intervene and prosecute the individuals who are guilty of crime.

Job description

The assignment as Section Manager for the Traffic Section

As head of the Traffic Section, you report to the head of unit and are part of his management team, where you are jointly responsible for completing assignments and driving the authority’s change and development work. You have particular responsibility for the section’s activities within Police Region Mitt and its results. As section manager, you represent the entire Police Authority both internally and externally and work to strengthen trust in police operations.

Being a manager and leader within the Police Authority means creating security and building trust by exercising sincere, courageous and responsive leadership with trust in the competence and ability of others. As a manager, you drive development by inspiring and encouraging reflection and feedback in a way that assumes we follow the law and treat people equally. You create the conditions and work for good relationships that contribute to us acting together based on what is best for the citizens and the mission as a whole.


This is an opportunity for you who have:

  • a couple of years of experience in running and leading together with other managers
  • a couple of years of experience of having, with good results, worked goal- and result-oriented for both the entire operational assignment and own area of ​​responsibility
  • experience in successfully leading and driving change and development work
  • part of a management group or corresponding management forum
  • police degree or academic degree or equivalent experience assessed by the employer

We consider it meritorious if, in addition to this, you also have:

  • at least one year of experience in managing and leading through other managers or supervisors
  • experience of running and leading through other managers within a government agency
  • experience in the relevant field of activity
  • experience in the operations of the police organization
  • management and leadership training for direct, indirect and/or strategic level

When hiring, we will place great emphasis on personal qualities and leadership skills. The basis for that assessment is the Police Authority’s leadership criteria. The leadership criteria specify a description of desirable leadership within the Police Authority and include the following abilities:

  • Analysis and holistic view
  • Goals and results
  • Development and change
  • Social security
  • Oral and written communication
  • Create participation and motivation

Read more about the leadership criteria

As part of the selection process, tests will also be used.

Contact persons

Information about the assignment is provided by recruiting manager Susanne Hamrin on tel.: 0767-66 83 83

Information about the recruitment process is provided by HR consultant Martin Brorsson on tel.: 0725-02 39 35

Union representatives

Other information

Scope of employment

  • Permanent employment with an appointment for the position of four years with the possibility of extension
  • The employment may begin with a trial employment
  • Location: Uppsala

Security classification

We place high demands on our employees’ security and privacy awareness. A security check with a register check according to the Security Protection Act (2018:585) is carried out before a decision on employment is made. In some cases, Swedish citizenship is required. With employment comes an obligation to be deployed. Read more about military placement and security clearance under and

Welcome with your application in the form of a cover letter and CV (no grades or certificates) no later than 14 June 2023 via e-mail to jobb.che[email protected]. We only accept attachments in pdf or doc format. Mark your application with ref. no. A291.447/2023 in the subject line of the email.
If you have protected personal data, references or similar information that you yourself consider to be worth protecting, contact the responsible recruitment consultant or send your application marked with the advertisement’s reference number via paper mail to the address: Police Authority, Registrar’s Office, 106 75 STOCKHOLM.

The police authority will process your personal data in accordance with the rules of the EU data protection regulation (2016/679) and other applicable data protection regulations. You can read more about our handling of personal data atæder/rekrytering

Your declaration of interest is a public document according to the principle of publicity.

The police authority

We offer you a workplace that stimulates diversity, creativity and personal development.

With us, you get the opportunity to contribute to the Police’s mission – to increase safety and reduce crime in society. We conduct our business according to our core values: commitment, efficiency and availability. As an employee within the police, you act for equal treatment. It is a prerequisite for legal certainty, legal certainty and for the legitimacy of the police in society. As a representative of the police, you respect everyone’s equal value and create trust in the police.

Please read more about the police and our operations at

We refrain from calls from you who want to sell advertising and recruitment services.

A warm welcome with your application!

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