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The suspected man is believed to have lived on the woman’s pension

The suspected man is believed to have lived on the woman’s pension
The suspected man is believed to have lived on the woman’s pension

The woman, who is a Norwegian citizen, was found dead in a freezer in the man’s home in Årjäng, Värmland, in mid-March. Shortly afterwards, the man, who is 55 years old and has previously been cohabiting with the woman, was arrested on suspicion of breach of civil peace and grave breach of civil peace. Initially, the criminal suspicions applied from September 1, 2018 to and including March 16, 2022.

Now prosecutor Linda Karlsson announces that the time period has been extended, as the investigation indicates that the woman died earlier than thought.

– The statute of limitations for crimes against civil liberties and grave civil liberties has been changed and now starts on January 12, 2018. The investigation has shown that it is most likely the day the plaintiff died, she says in a press release.

Exactly how the investigation arrived at that date, Linda Karlsson does not want to go into it.

On Friday, the prosecutor also announced that there were new suspicions against the man, who has previously also been suspected of murder. The new suspicions are about gross fraud.

– The fraud consists in the suspect having access to the plaintiff’s accounts and thereby taking part of the pension that came into her accounts. The crime is to be assessed as serious because it was systematic and intended for a significant value, approximately SEK 1,300,000, says Linda Karlsson in a press release.

The man denies the suspicions about gross fraud, which according to the prosecutor must have been going on from the woman’s death until February 2023. In March, lawyer Stefan Liliebäck announced that the man confessed to the suspicions of breach of privacy and breach of privacy.

– He has admitted that he put the body in the freezer, and that he did it in 2018, Lilliebäck told NRK at the time.

How the woman died has not been fully determined. The public prosecutor’s office writes in the press release that the autopsy report will be determined shortly.

Only at the end of April was the woman’s identity determined. She was 65 years old when she died, a citizen of Norway and moved to Årjäng together with the man who is now in custody. He is also a Norwegian citizen. In 2019, the relatives of the dead woman were in contact with the Swedish police, as they could not reach the woman for a long time.

On Friday, a new detention hearing will be held, where the prosecutor will formally present the suspicions of gross fraud.

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