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This is how fan sales are affected ahead of a hot summer in 2023.

This is how fan sales are affected ahead of a hot summer in 2023.
This is how fan sales are affected ahead of a hot summer in 2023.

The meteorologists warn of an extremely hot summer this year as in 2018. Then fans became a desirable item and many department stores sold out of every single one. At Elgiganten, they have set the goal that no fans should run out during the upcoming hot summer.

– Our department stores are filled to the max, says Kamuran Beyri, department store manager for Elgiganten in Kungens kurva.

– All our customers who want a fan or AC should be able to buy it, regardless of when they arrive.

In their store, an increased demand is already noticeable.

– Sales often start as early as May, but then it kicks off pretty well as soon as it gets a little warmer like now.

However, Beyri believes that it usually needs to be quite hot for people to spend money on a fan.

– But hopefully many have learned from the mistakes of 2018 when there were suddenly no fans to buy.

Oscar Appelbom, salesman at Elon Lidingö, agree that most customers flock only once the heat is a fact.

– It’s only when it gets really hot that people realize “oh that’s it, the fan! Where is it? We buy a new one,” he explains.

– We do not notice a big difference in our sales in relation to what is being talked about on the news, but it is more that when people feel that it is hot, they solve the problem.

Once it gets really hot, it is both simpler table fans and the more advanced and more expensive fan systems that sell well.

– The cheapest fans usually run out sometime in July, between midsummer and mid-July, says the seller.

If you are already counting on it – shouldn’t you be buying more?

– Yes, we always bunker a little extra, but at the same time our store is also located in such an area that it is not exactly them that we sell the most of.

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