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Everything you need to know before the Elitloppet

Everything you need to know before the Elitloppet
Everything you need to know before the Elitloppet

Published: Less than 2 hours ago

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Last year, the Elite Race was won by the French horse Etonnant with driver Anthony Barrier. Archive image. Photo: Fredrik Persson/TT

On Sunday, one of the world’s biggest trotting races will be decided at Solvalla – the Elitloppet.

Here is everything you need to know before this year’s big trotting party.

+ What?

The elite race is one of the world’s largest trotting races and has been run since 1952. The world’s best horses are invited to compete in qualifying heats and finals where they run the distance of 1,609 meters (one English mile) and the trotting party usually attracts around 50,000 spectators. The elite race is always decided on the last Sunday in May.

+ Where?

Solvalla trotting track outside Stockholm.

+ When

Sunday 28 May.

+ Tv

TV4 broadcasts all day starting at 12.00. The final runs at 17.45.

+ That’s how it’s decided

Two qualifying heats with eight horses per trial where the best four advance to the final. Heat 1 runs at 15.28 and heat 2 runs at 15.55.

+ Prize money

The winner of the final receives SEK 5,000,000. The prize money is then distributed as follows: 2) 2,500,000, 3) 1,250,000, 4) 625,000, 5) 325,000, 6) 200,000, 7) 150,000, 8) 100,000.

In each qualifying heat, a total of SEK 600,000 is awarded, with the winner of each heat receiving SEK 250,000.

+ Last year’s winner

Last year, it was the horse Etonnant with driver Anthony Barrier who, after a senseless race, was ultimately the winner of the Elitloppet and collected the prize money of five million kroner. This year the team is back to try to defend their title.

+ The favourites

San Moteur is the big Swedish hope this year and also the big favourite. A fairytale horse from Värmland trained by Håkan Arvidsson. His nephew Björn Goop, who himself has won the Elitloppet three times before, acts as driver. However, the last time Goop won was in 2017. Maybe this is the year he makes his way back to the throne.

Last year’s winner Etonnant, with driver Anthony Barrier, returns as one of the favourites. The question is whether they can withstand the pressure again this year. If they take it home, it will be the first time in over 20 years that a crew has won the Elitloppet two years in a row.

The horse Don Fanucci Zet, with driver Örjan Kihlström, can also be a candidate to win it all. The team won the Elitloppet two years ago and this year also has the advantage of starting from the inside track in the first qualifying heat. Kihlström is also chasing his fifth title.

+ The debutante

Driver Kim Eriksson does his first ever Elite race. He shows up with the Norwegian horse Best Ofdream Trio. The team are underdogs in this context but at least have the advantage of starting from the inside track in the second qualifying heat.

+ Scream warning

The horse Hohneck, with driver Gabriele Gelormini, is a potential contender with his speed. The team are not favorites but when they get on the rampage, the others will have to watch out.

+ The snack ice cream

56-year-old Per Nordström, driver and trainer for Önas Prince, has left nothing to chance. After “16 weeks of hell”, he is 24.5 kilos lighter than when he ran the race a year ago. Now he hopes it will help him in the final battle over the riot.

+ History

Stig H Johansson is the driver who has participated in the Elitloppet the most times. Between 1971 and 2005, he participated a total of 28 times and with that he is also the one who has won the most times – six victories in total. He is considered by many to be one of the best in the world of all time.

So far, only 9 horses have won the Elitloppet twice. The last time it happened was in 2014 and 2017 when Timoko won with driver Björn Goop.

The fastest final time so far is 1.08.9 and that record was set in 2021 when Don Fanucci Zet won with driver Örjan Kihlström.

The article is in Swedish


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