Ashenafi Moges won the Stockholm Marathon 2023

Ashenafi Moges won the Stockholm Marathon 2023
Ashenafi Moges won the Stockholm Marathon 2023

Immediately, a tight cluster of about ten runners got a decent gap to those behind, and for about half the race they stayed together. But in connection with the 2.1 mile point being passed on green Djurgården, the speed increased a little and the tight cluster was reduced to eight runners.

Samuel Tsegay, competing for Ljungskileklubben Hälle, had until then run smart, rarely at the very front but never more than a few steps from the lead.

On the hilly Södermalm, however, Tsegay finally had to let go, with about 12 kilometers to go.

In the end it was Moges who crossed the finish line as the winner after pulling away from compatriot Derara Hurisa with a few kilometers to go. Also in third place was Ethiopia through Tsegaye Mekonnen.

Tsegay was the best Swede in sixth place, barely four minutes from victory.

Triple also on the women’s side

Also on the women’s side, there was an Ethiopian triple.

A quartet of runners broke away early, but the decider in the race came much earlier than in the men’s race. Sifan Melaku pulled away from the competition with about 15 kilometers left in the race and was able to run unchallenged to the finish line in 2.30.39. She was 2.47 minutes ahead of Sorome Negash and five minutes ahead of Yenenesh Dinkesa.

Carolina Wikström was the best Swede in fourth place, 6.13 behind Melaku.

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