The leak about the Kurdish Fox is extremely serious

The leak about the Kurdish Fox is extremely serious
The leak about the Kurdish Fox is extremely serious

That a secret intelligence report about the “Kurdish Foxes” has ended up in criminal hands is extremely serious.

Did the leak happen in Turkey or in Sweden?

Aftonbladet has today revealed a security scandal.

A report on Rawa Majid, the infamous “Kurdish fox”, and his associates were found in a raid on a criminal man in Sweden.

The material, which was compiled by Swedish police in the spring of 2022, has been handed over to Turkey at a high level.

The documents would constitute the basis Turkey needed to arrest Majid, who is detained in his absence and internationally wanted for very serious crimes.

The intelligence was covered in strict secrecy and contained detailed profiles of Majid and other top figures in the Foxtrot criminal network.

What crimes they were suspected of, where they were, their cell phone numbers, bank details.

For this information to fall into the wrong hands is a potential disaster.

Gangsters on the loose foot can change hiding places, they get rid of their mobiles, knowledge of what the police suspect them of is very likely used to destroy evidence.

This in a situation where a long-standing gang war that has included shootings and explosions has accelerated further and in the last few weeks alone resulted in three new murders in Uppsala and Stockholm.

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Rawa Majid, the “Kurdish Fox”, is suspected of being one of the country’s biggest drug dealers. Photo: The police

The question is how this scandal could happen at all.

Swedish police with insight into the accident suspect that the leak took place in Turkey. That seems like a reasonable assumption.

The fact that Majid is living in high-desired well-being on the loose in a Turkish holiday paradise has led to police frustration in Stockholm, and this soup hardly improves the relationship with Ankara.

But it works not completely rule out that the handover of the information took place in Sweden. If so, it’s even worse.

A corrupt Swedish police in the service of organized crime would be a nightmare.

Now there is no reason to assume that this is the case, but let’s hope that the police have tried as much as possible to find out how this could happen.

Unfortunately there are reason to assume that Majid has also previously been provided with important information.

In 2018 he was released on parole after serving a longer felony prison sentence.

When the “Kurdish Fox” was under the supervision of the Prison Service, he was forbidden to leave Sweden, but after a cousin of his was murdered, the threat against him was considered to be so great that he was allowed to travel to Iraqi Kurdistan.

In September 2021, a hand grenade was thrown into an apartment in Rotebro. A woman and her two children were close to being killed. And around the same time, there was shooting at apartments in other suburbs in Stockholm.

The tracks led to Majid and Swedish police contacted the Kurdish government to have him extradited.

But when the local police kicked in the “Kurdish fox’s” residence, he disappeared. Someone had warned him.

In the spring of 2022, the gang leader was instead arrested in the Turkish resort of Marmaris after he walked into a police station and claimed a bag of notes that someone found in a park and handed in.

He claimed to be an Iraqi shipowner, but Turkish police saw through the scam and discovered that he was wanted by Sweden.

In captivity, however, Majid managed to purchase Turkish citizenship and was released.

Today is the man who is singled out as one of the worst criminals ever in Sweden at large.

Protected by Turkey – and by leaks.

It is incredible.

The article is in Swedish

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