Antonija Mandir shows off new boyfriend Valencia

Antonija Mandir shows off new boyfriend Valencia
Antonija Mandir shows off new boyfriend Valencia

Narrating in Youtube video

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Antonija Mandir has found love.

She has chosen to keep that private, until now.

– I have never been happier, she says in a video.

Antonija Mandir27, now confirms the relationship with the boyfriend Valencia32.

– For the first time ever, I have kept something to myself, she says in a YouTube video.

Valencia is half German and half Spanish and has been seen on her social media for a while. In October last year, they officially became a couple, but only now is she talking about how they met and that they are a couple.

– My love life is really like a movie. It just bubbles inside me every single day with him.

Had mutual friends

Valencia is half German and half Spanish. The couple have mutual friends but met one night after a dance class.

– When this guy walks into this room, it was like the gate just opened. Here comes a guy full of energy. It just loose about him, she says.

ANTONIJA MANDIR on Instagram: “There are those who love dancing – others hate it. Some are ashamed to dance while others like to go out and dance to meet. Many relationships, some lifelong, have started in a dance. ✨”

Traveled abroad on first date

During the evening they had fun together and a few units of alcohol later, Antonija comes up with a lie in order to meet again. She asks if he wants to go with her on a made-up business trip just a few days later.

– I wasn’t going there, I had no tickets. I told a lie, I could have just asked if he wanted to see me this week, she says.

The next day, sober, they book the plane tickets and have been together ever since.

– He is the most obvious person in life for me. He is absolutely fantastic, she says.

Antonija has previously dated Oliver Hunt28, and Jack Stengel-Dahl27.

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Antonija Mandir.
Antonija Mandir. Photo: Lindahl Björn

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