Shot at apartment door – people in the home

Shot at apartment door – people in the home
Shot at apartment door – people in the home

Police. Police car. Blue light.

Åsa Sommarström

One or more people opened fire on a residence in Handen on the night of Monday. Several people were in the apartment when the shots went off, but none of them were physically injured.

At 01:19, the police receive the first alarm about gunfire from central Handen.

The crime scene was cordoned off and the police have interviewed witnesses about what they saw and heard in connection with the crime.

– What people have seen or said is covered by preliminary investigation confidentiality, says police spokesperson Towe Hägg.

Several people checked

Several people who were in the area were checked, but no one was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder.

Shortly after 07:00 on Monday morning, the police state that the crime scene is still cordoned off for technical investigation.

Asking for tips

Anyone with information that may be of interest to the investigation is asked to contact the police.

– You can either talk to us on site in Handen, tip on our website or call 114 14.

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