Mondo best paid in athletics: “World records pay off”


In prize money alone, a WC gold makes the track and field athletes in Eugene $70,000 richer, corresponding to approximately SEK 715,000. A world record at that and we’re up to almost two million – and we haven’t even mentioned all the bonuses that are activated via sponsorship agreements.

For Armand Duplantis, who, among other things, has contracts with Puma, Red Bull and the electric car manufacturer Polestar, there will certainly be some jingle in the coffers.

– Everyone gets a sum from World Athletics (International Athletics Federation) if you break a world record at a WC, but all the other agreements he has are linked to bonuses where world records give one. In that case, it ticks along quite well. It will be a number of millions if he does. That’s how you can put it. Then the basic sum itself increases in several contracts that he has. Among other things, the Puma agreement is ending, says manager Daniel Wessfeldt and adds:

– So it pays to break a world record.

The Swedish-American the world record holder in the pole vault has become the biggest poster name in the world of athletics, a global profile that all the world’s galas want to invite as a draw in front of packed stadiums.

Armand Duplantis together with manager Daniel Wessfeldt.

Photo: Joel Marklund/Bildbyrån

– He is the greatest in the world of athletics, states the national team captain Kajsa Bergqvist without hesitation and adds:

– Regardless of which branch we are talking about, he is the greatest in the world of athletics. There is no one in the entire organization who does not know who he is and he is “on top of his game”.

However, it is not always enough to be exceptionally good and set world records to become financially independent. You should preferably do it in the right athletics discipline as well.

– He is the world’s best paid track and field athlete today, and then you can ask why, says Daniel Wessfeldt.

He compares “Mondo’s” performance with one event as the long jump, what the pole vault world record of 6.20 and Duplanti’s minimum level of 5.90–6 meters would correspond to.

– It’s like someone jumping 8.70-8.90 every time he competes – and then sometimes nine meters (the world record is 8.95). That’s what “Mondo” does. That is why he is unique.

How impactful potential is pole vaulting compared to other disciplines?

– It is, after all, a premium event, and always has been. It has been spectacular and had predecessors who were dominant since the era of Sergej Bubka. For many competition organizers, it is the branch they want because it is spectacular to watch. In addition, it is not over in ten seconds, but you get more value for money.

Daniel Wessfeldt continues:

– In athletics there are A, B and C branches. The finest disciplines are running with 100 meters and 1,500 meters and so on. Then you have B variants such as 3,000 meter hurdles and 400 meter hurdles. Thats how it is. Then you have even further down the cast branches, unfortunately.

Armand Duplantis has won the Olympics, is indoor world champion and has EC gold both indoors and outdoors. A WC gold in Eugene on Monday night would make the collection complete.

The final starts at 02:25, Swedish time.

Armand Duplantis easily advanced from the pole vault qualification in the WC.

Armand Duplantis easily advanced from the pole vault qualification in the WC.

Photo: Christian Petersen/Getty Images

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