Alex Beck gets kicked out of FBOY Island – this happened

Alex Beck gets kicked out of FBOY Island – this happened
Alex Beck gets kicked out of FBOY Island – this happened

The participant disappeared in the premiere of the new venture

Already in the first episode, it is clear that the participant Alex Beck is thrown out of FBOY Island. Here you will find everything we know about what happened.

Today is the premiere of FBOY Island Sweden on discovery+. The long-awaited new dating program didn’t last very long before the first participant was fired for disciplinary reasons. Alex Beck thrown out of FBOY Island for having used impermissible language.

Alex Beck Kicked Out of FBOY Island – What Happened?

During the premiere episode of the program where women meets different men with the ambition to find her better half, but where some of them will turn out to be fboys, goes Awa Touray on a date with Alex Beck. Towards the end of the episode, when it’s time for the girls to choose which guys they want to send home, the contestant is suddenly missing. The others are met by the presenter Klara Elvgren who explains the situation that he broke the rules and won’t come back.

– Alex came here as an fboy, Klara Elvgren told Awa after she learned that he was forced to leave the program. Neither she nor the other girls seemed surprised that Alex turned out to be there looking for something other than the big love.

Alex Beck. Photo: discovery+.

What was said by Alex Beck does not appear in the program, but the participant has in one more message The Express declared that he does not understand why he was thrown out. However, there seems to be something said between him and some of the other guys:

– According to my understanding of the whole thing, it is about the use of language and in my opinion I have not said anything wrong. But I have no ill will towards any of the guys, I’m friends with all of them. My view is that it was all a big misunderstanding, says Alex.

He further insists that his view is that he did nothing wrong, and that he could not have done things differently.

Therese Samuelsson, Olivia Jakobsson and Awa Touray are the three women in FBOY Island Sweden who are looking to find that great love. You follow their journey in the program shown on discovery+.

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