Karlsson’s debut goalscorer when Bajen cruised – 2-2 at Stora Valla

Karlsson’s debut goalscorer when Bajen cruised – 2-2 at Stora Valla
Karlsson’s debut goalscorer when Bajen cruised – 2-2 at Stora Valla

After Markus Karlsson’s debut goal, things looked promising for Hammarby, but an early red card put an end to that.

Home team Degerfors had time to equalize and take the lead, before Montader Madjed saved points with his 2–2 goal.



With double interruptions in the back line, in the form of the injured Mads Fenger and the suspended Edvin Kurtulus, Hammarby had to stow a part in the defense. The solution was to move Nathaniel Adjei from the edge to the center back position next to Shaquille Pinas and let Markus Karlsson make his debut in the Allsvenskan.

And what a debut it was.

In the 42nd minute, Markus Karlsson got hold of the ball on the edge of the penalty area, feinted away Elias Bouzaiene and curled in the 1-0 goal with his left. The goal came in perhaps Hammarby’s strongest period, after having been low-intensity and sluggish during the first thirty minutes.

But say the happiness that lasts. Just three minutes later, Nathaniel Adjei was sent off after bringing down Diego Campos. Therefore, Hammarby had to devote much of the second half to minimizing risk. They only managed to do that until the 59th minute, when Degerfors converted and equalized at 1-1. Five minutes later, Degerfors also scored a 2–1 goal. The goals were reminiscent of each other and came after the red and whites got around Hammarby’s right wing.

But the last word was not said. In the 70th minute, substitute Montader Madjed, 18, received a pass from Markus Karlsson, and unexpectedly lifted a ball that went in a beautiful arc to make it 2-2. The goal turned out to be decisive for the match, which thus ended 2–2. This puts Hammarby in ninth place in the Allsvenskan.

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