The naked picture of Armando Duplantis is criticized


Armand Duplantis, 23, is the world’s best pole vaulter and the successes follow each other. Despite his young age, Duplantis has broken several records (including his own) and is so far undefeated.

In addition to his sporting achievements, he is doing well, to say the least, with his second career as an advertising pillar for a number of different companies, as well as with life together with his great love, his girlfriend Desire Inglander.

Mondo with his girlfriend Desiré Inglander. Image source: TT/Nyhetsbyrån

The pair met at a party Mondo attended only because he knew she would be there. Afterwards, he wrote a message that was praised on social media.

– I wrote “what’s poppin'”, says Mondo Duplantis in the program Carina Bergfeldt.

Carina Bergfeldt had learned that Desiré’s answer to Mondo was both unexpected and a little cocky, and asks if he remembers it.

– She asked ‘Who are you?*, he told with a laugh.

The image of Armand Duplantis is criticized: “Sees no teeth”

As previously mentioned, life is moving on for Mondo and he has become an ambassador for both eye lasers and the dentists “Aqua Dental”.

However, many people had a bit of fun with the picture of Duplantis lying in a bed… without clothes.

Armand Duplantis. Image: Aqua Dental

What people have reacted to is that the picture in no way turns their thoughts on teeth or dental care.

Hänt got in touch with Aqua Dental, who then told me that the picture had been taken down.

“We have chosen to remove the image that some reacted to and understand the critical reactions. At the same time, it is worth pointing out that the campaign generally received a strong positive reception. We see that our campaign, which dares to be different (to be a dentist), leads to more people taking the step to the dentist. That has always been our aim and we are proud of that,” writes Samir Chahimi, who works at Aqua Dental till Hänt.

Mondo has not commented on the whole thing.

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