Milosevic hero for AIK against Degerfors – goal after 500 days

Milosevic hero for AIK against Degerfors – goal after 500 days
Milosevic hero for AIK against Degerfors – goal after 500 days

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Anxiety match against Degerfors.

Then Alexander Milosevic stepped forward and saved AIK with his first goal – in 500 days.

– Was it that long ago? Okay, but it was nice, he tells Sportbladet.

It is in important matches that important players need to step up – and that is exactly what AIK’s experienced centre-back and team captain did when he pushed forward and headed in a corner in the 32nd minute.

Minutes before the break, he had a great opportunity to double the goal yield but then, strangely enough, chose to feint instead of shooting.

– I spoke to a friend yesterday about feinting shots, Milosevic said in Discovery during a break.

Afterwards, he reveals to Sportbladet that the friend in question is former AIK teammate Stefan Silva

– I looked a bit at his last match and then he had a situation where he feinted a shot like four or five times and missed. Then I told him that tomorrow I will shoot and score. I thought it would work, but unfortunately it didn’t.

Ball in the head

But the goal came before that.

And it was Milosevic’s first since May 7, 2022 (against IFK Göteborg).

– So long ago?, he exclaims.

– But then I’ve been away for like 300 days with a concussion…

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Alexander Milosevic celebrates after his important 1-0 goal against Degerfors. Photo: Pontus Orre

It was the history of concussions that worried fans when he was hit in the head in the second half and was left lying on the grass.

Then it became completely silent at Friends’ arena.

But Milosevic was able to resume and complete the match.

– The ball hit me straight in the face over the nose and mouth, but I wasn’t too worried.

It was obvious to play on?

– Absolutely, says Milosevic.

Playing with a helmet to protect the head is not an option for AIK’s captain.

– I will not play with a helmet. Then I can’t score like today, says Milosevic.

But he admits it was extra redeeming to score after everything he’s been through.

– There have been many days where people have thought about what will happen in the future.

AIK’s coach Henning Berg praises Milosevic for his journey back.

– He has been working hard in the gym, with strength exercises, and it shows that he can get a hit like today and play on. He even scored the first goal today. He is important for us, a quality player and a fine leader.

Safe ground

In the 71st minute, 2–0 (the final score) came from an Abdihakin Ali shot that was directed via Sebastian Ohlsson into the goal.

Ali celebrated as if it was his, but it was recorded as a soul goal and thus he has to wait for his first Allsvenskan goal.

– It was a goal anyway. That is most important, he says.

The victory means that AIK passes Degerfors (and Sirius) and climbs onto safe ground in the table.

– An important win for us. We have to understand that right now we are not a top or middle team. We are where we are and all points are important. Then it will look like it did in the second half, only we win, says Milosevic.

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