John Guidetti celebrated the victory with crutches

John Guidetti celebrated the victory with crutches
John Guidetti celebrated the victory with crutches

Three points and back on safe ground.

Then John Guidetti celebrated wildly in the dressing room – with crutches.

– The crutches will be a bit like his trophy, says Anton Salétros.

Guidetti misses the rest of the season due to a muscle tear in the calf, but is still in the corner.

Like after the victory against Degerfors when he appeared in the dressing room and walked off with his crutches.

In Discovery’s broadcast after the match, JG was seen drowsing his one crutch on the table while singing along to the victory songs.

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– We haven’t won that many games at home, so when you win you can celebrate, says teammate Sotirios Papagiannopoulos.

“Better injured”

He praises Guidetti’s energy.

Celebrates just as well when he’s injured?

– Yes, he is even better when he can use the crutches and get the rest of us going.

Does he lend the crutches?

– Yes, sometimes actually.

“His Trophy”

Anton Salétros fills in:

– Yes, the crutches will be a bit like his trophy. It was nice to celebrate the win, there haven’t been that many this year so it was nice to let it go.

Omar Faraj also appreciates Guidetti’s involvement in the dressing room.

– So it’s nice. He is needed. Everyone does their part. He who is injured does his part and tries to cheer us up. Especially when we win, that we celebrate together, that’s the most important thing, he says.

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