Pittas and Bergqvist in heated duels

Pittas and Bergqvist in heated duels
Pittas and Bergqvist in heated duels

There were many hot duels between Douglas Bergqvist and Ioannis Pittas, both in the game and when there was a break. Several times Bergqvist signaled that he wanted to settle with the AIK striker.

– We said a lot of ugly words to each other and were cuddled a few times and were physical, says Pittas.

After the 2-0 victory, Pittas quickly approached Bergqvist and gave him something.

– I gave him the match ball. It was karma. The second goal was his, the own goal. So it was like a joke.

How did he take it?
– Not good.

He wanted just the two of you to go away and make it up?
– Haha, yes, but that’s what happens in football. We held hands when we got off the plane.

However, Bergqvist wants to downplay everything.

– There were emotions on the pitch. It’s football. It’s not weird. I like it, he says.

How do you feel about getting the match ball from him after the final whistle?
– Yes, but it’s nothing to complain about. No weirdness.

You wanted to make up with him – what did you tell him?
– On the field you can talk, but what is said there stays there. But we will solve it. No problem.

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