Emma Ribom’s new love: The star from the USA

Emma Ribom’s new love: The star from the USA
Emma Ribom’s new love: The star from the USA

Last season was by far the best of Emma Ribom’s career. She left this winter’s WC in Planica with three medals (gold, silver, bronze) – and also won her first two World Cup victories.

She celebrated that with a long trip after the season. But the choice of destination was possibly somewhat surprising to many.

More precisely: Anchorage, Alaska.

The legend is spelled James Clinton “JC” Schoonmaker.

– Yes, he lives there, says Emma Ribom.

Confirms the relationship with the American

Schoonmaker has been a part of the US national cross country team since 2020. He has raced in two world championships, one Olympic Games – and finished 15th in the Olympic sprint in Beijing.

And now the 23-year-old is Emma Ribom’s boyfriend, which she confirms to Expressen. The couple met last spring.

– Yes that’s how it is. And we haven’t kept it such a secret, says Ribom and laughs.

No, Schoonmaker has been glimpsed in some photos on Ribom’s social media as he – and the American team – spent a large part of the summer in Sweden.

“Too far from Östersund to Anchorage”

Emma Ribom trained during the late summer with the Americans in Torsby.

– It’s an incredibly wonderful group. It has been super fun to hang out with them now that they have been here in Sweden.

– And it was nice to spend time with “JC” this summer and show off Östersund.

It otherwise sounds like a rather complicated long-distance relationship?

– Mmm, it’s a long way from Östersund to Anchorage. And right now he is at home in Alaska, says Emma Ribom and smiles.

– So we have already accumulated quite a few hours over video calls. And there will be more. But it’s going well!

The season starts for Emma Ribom, JC Schoonmaker and the other World Cup racers as usual in Finnish Ruka on the last weekend in November.

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