Degerfors’ anger after the loss against AIK: “Bullshit”

Degerfors’ anger after the loss against AIK: “Bullshit”
Degerfors’ anger after the loss against AIK: “Bullshit”

Published 2023-09-18 22:23

Degerfors chased an equalizer when Kristoffer Nordfeldt sat down with a feeling according to the goalkeeper himself.

– It’s bullshit, says Christos Gravius.

The match was approaching the hour mark when Kristoffer Nordfeldt sat down on the pitch and took to the back side.

It gave AIK a chance to regroup after Degerfors had a better period in the match. However, Nordfeldt denies that it was a tactical timeout.

– I don’t know if you saw the kicks I had before, they weren’t super great, he says and continues:

– I was just asked by SVT and I don’t know how many scoring chances they had if you look over 90 minutes. They tried to turn it into their pressure, but I don’t know if they had that many scoring chances at all.

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Photo: Pontus Orre

Was it the back?

– Yes.

“Pressed as much as possible”

However, Degerfors’ Christos Gravius ​​does not buy the explanation.

– Every single team does it, so there is not much to say. It’s just boring. You lose momentum, but everyone uses it so it’s boring.

Do you think it was tactical?

– Yes please. We pressed as much as possible, so it is clear that it is tactical.

He claims it wasn’t?

– It’s bullshit.

AIK won the match 2–0 and is now climbing out of the relegation zone.

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