The expert: They are stepping up in the SHL this season

The expert: They are stepping up in the SHL this season
The expert: They are stepping up in the SHL this season

On Friday, the Hockeyallsvenskan starts and TV4 bets on a super Friday in the box with a big focus on Brynäs–AIK (18.00) and then Djurgården–Björklöven (20.30).

Expert Fredrik Söderström opens up about an uncertain start to the season.

– I have a thought if there are eight teams that feel like the given top teams, but the difference between those teams has shrunk so I think we will get some unexpected results before it settles, he tells HockeyNews.

There is a lot of focus on Brynäs this season – a little too much according to some of the club’s representatives.

– I understand that Brynäs thinks like that and it might be difficult when you are seen. I think Brynäs deserves to be talked about because they have a very good team on paper. But I think Djurgården with the experience from last season will compete with Brynäs well together with a few other teams, says Söderström.

Who will go up in the end?
– Firstly, I think that first place will be extremely important. We saw that on HV71, which got a lighter endgame. We saw that for Modo too. I imagine that Brynäs will have to take that first place in the end, I’m prepared to put that pressure on them. And that it ends with Brynäs–Djurgården playing a magnificent seven-game series that is decided in Gävle where Brynäs takes a step back.

How does it end up at the bottom of the table?
– There is a risk that there will be a few Småland teams that will have a hard time, that will do remarkably well considering the conditions. Västervik will have to struggle, Kalmar as newcomers will be down there and in the end I think it will punish Kalmar for stepping into it late with tough circumstances. Energetic and fresh newcomer but I think they will have the hardest time.

Are you there on Friday?
– I’m on site in the studio. We’re broadcasting Super Friday with two games back to back and I’m insanely excited about this.

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