Cuts for public education at a time when it is most needed

Cuts for public education at a time when it is most needed
Cuts for public education at a time when it is most needed

The government has today announced that funding for public education will be reduced by 250 million next year, 350 million the following year and 500 million thereafter. Since before, the government has announced an increase in the grant to folk high schools by 100 million.

– Sweden has a long tradition of popular movements and public education. In a democratic and open society, public education is an essential component, especially in a time where learning, meetings and conversations between people are becoming increasingly important. To sharply reduce support for public education when it is perhaps most needed is remarkable, says Karl-Erik Nilsson, chairman of SISU Sports Trainers and the National Sports Confederation.

The sports movement is one of Sweden’s largest popular movements with 3.3 million members in approximately 19,000 sports associations. 750,000 leaders who together put in millions of non-profit hours in their respective associations.

Every day, the SISU Sports Trainers meet members of sports associations and contribute with expertise, support and inspiration based on the conditions and needs of the association and its members. SISU is the study association that has the most young participants of the eleven study associations, and the work takes place to a large extent in the association’s own immediate environment, in the clubhouse, on the soccer field or on the running track of the athletics arena.

– As one of Sweden’s largest student unions, the SISU Sports Trainers are located in all of Sweden’s 290 municipalities and that is unique. Being able to meet the associations on their home ground, regardless of whether it’s out in the woods and fields or in a sports hall, is incredibly important for the hundreds of thousands of children and young people who grow every year through sports education. We see that every state kroner is useful, says Karl-Erik Nilsson.

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