The Ingebrigtsen brothers have broken up with father Gjert


Jakob, Henrik and Filip Ingebrigtsen have been trained by their father Gjert since they were small.

The father has been there during all the big highlights in the brothers’ careers – most recently when Jakob won Olympic gold in the 1500 meters in Tokyo.

But at the WC in Eugene, he made up for it with his absence. The collaboration ended last winter and in July the Norwegian running brothers told the New York Times what was behind the breakup.

– Dad gets anxious quickly and it can rub off on people around him. Before a competition, it can quickly turn into anger, when he is worried and nervous it makes him upset over small things, said Jakob Ingebrigtsen.

The brothers also told about a situation where Gjert is said to have become enraged that Jakob ate too much for lunch before a competition. The father denied to Dagbladet that he should have reacted as forcefully as the brothers claimed.

Ingebrigtsen has broken up with her father

On Monday, Jakob Ingebrigtsen easily advanced to the EC final in the 1500 meters. However, Gjert Ingebrigtsen is on site in Munich – but in the capacity of coach to the runner Narve Gilje Nordås.

Last week, Jakob was asked if he would be in contact with Gjert during the EC. The answer was short and sweet: “No”.

Gjert Ingebrigtsen tells TV2 that he has sporadic contact with his sons, even privately.

– I have to respect that my children make their own choices. I have been privileged to spend so much time with them. But that over time we become like a chafing wound on each other, so that we need some distance, I think everyone understands that, says the 56-year-old.

– It’s nice to feel that everyone has reached their goals. But for the relationship, it has cost more than it tasted. Let’s hope things work out over time.

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