Rekkles shows off the new crazy tattoo | E-sports

Rekkles shows off the new crazy tattoo | E-sports
Rekkles shows off the new crazy tattoo | E-sports

Martin “Rekkles” Larsson, 26, has previously shown off the work with his giant tattoo.

Among other things, the arms have been completely filled with black ink. Now, the League of Legends star provides an update showing how the tattoo spans the entire back and front of his torso.

The front is covered by symmetrical lines and a female face. Even on his back he wears ghostly faces hidden in intricate patterns.

The legs have also been filled with tattoos.

“I saw one of my artworks on your leg! Looks awesome! Credited to the tattooist,” writes Raf Grassetti, art director at Sony to the Swede


Back in Fnatic

26-year-old Rekkles is one of Sweden’s biggest e-sports stars and a multiple European champion in League of Legends. He is often seen as one of the biggest names in the western world in the esports title.

Ahead of next season, it is already clear that he will return to Fnatic after spending last season in the French league.

This means that he will now play in the top league LEC once again.

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