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Gang members are convicted of murder – but are at large

Gang members are convicted of murder – but are at large
Gang members are convicted of murder – but are at large

The spiral of violence between two criminal networks in southern Stockholm led in August 2020 to 12-year-old Adriana being shot to death outside a McDonald’s restaurant in Botkyrka.

The actual target of the shooting was two gang criminal men – Salim Safar and Matay Teymur – who were at the scene. The men, who are connected to the criminal Norsborg group, escaped unscathed and immediately began planning an act of revenge.

In order to attract the gang rivals who were suspected of being behind the shooting where Adriana was killed, the Norsborg group used the “Filterlösa guys” network from Tensta.

According to the police, FLG, as the network is usually abbreviated, conducts extensive drug trafficking in several of Stockholm’s western suburbs. The grouping has also together with “Shottaz” formed one side in two of the country’s bloodiest gang conflicts in recent years – against the “Death Patrol” and “Husby’s hyenas”. The police link several shooting deaths to the conflicts.

The FLG was not involved in the conflict between the Norsborg grouping and their rivals. Instead, they were hired as freelancers to trick their rivals into a murder trap.

With false promises of a protective vest to be handed over, the rivals were lured to a meeting in Vällingby on September 7, 2020. Two shooters were waiting there who fired a total of 32 shots. The man they tried to kill was hit in the arm but managed to escape with his life.

Tore off the shirt in a gesture of victory

The revenge shooting remained unsolved for a long time. It was when police and prosecutors got access to what was written on encrypted “Sky ECC” that the evidence fell into place. Among those arrested at the beginning of 2022 were two men – 28 and 22 years old – who, according to the police, are part of FLG’s core.

The FLG duo were detained for eight months before being released pending trial. The two men ran out of the courtroom and according to reports, one of the men tore off his shirt in a gesture of victory.

A release often means that an acquittal is pending. But on Monday they were convicted in the district court.

The 22-year-old is sentenced to eight years and eleven months in prison for attempted murder. For the 28-year-old, the sentence will be six years and ten months for aiding and abetting the same crime.

“Never been involved”

Despite the long prison terms, the men are still at large. On Monday, the district court rejected the prosecutor’s remand request.

The judgment states:

(The 22-year-old) has certainly had a central role in the execution itself, but has not been the driving force in the attempted murder being carried out. It is therefore not possible to establish that there is a risk of continued crime. The request for remand must therefore be rejected.

– As far as I can remember, I have not previously seen someone convicted of this type of crime in a gang environment not being detained due to the risk of recidivism. I mean that there is a strong risk of recidivism for both of them, says prosecutor Ida Arnell.

On Tuesday, it appears that she has submitted an appeal that the Svea Court of Appeal will now decide on. There, she has also cited the risk of flight as another reason for detention.

The men on the police’s focus list

An experienced police investigator says he is very surprised by the district court’s decision.

– These are high-risk persons for continued crime. They are part of a grouping that has conflicts in this world, and once you have sat in that compartment, you can’t just get out. Continuing to arm yourself with your own guys is the protection you have, says the investigator.

The two men have both been placed on the Stockholm police’s focus list of the 74 people who are the highest priority in the criminal environment. The 28-year-old has previously been detained on suspicion of involvement in a fatal shooting in Rinkeby in 2019.

At the end of 2021, he was also detained for three months on suspicion of involvement in a settlement between the FLG and the Death Squad, which led to one person in his own group being shot to death and another severely shot.

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